Environment Sensitive Engine:

Sound & Audio Integrated Multimedia Engine

リアルタイムに時間帯や天気、BGMなどの環境にシンクロした映像を生み出す最先端のインタラクティブプログラム Hachidori (Environment Sensitive System)と洗練されたモーショングラフィックが融合することで、だれも経験したことのない新しい空間イメージを実現します。空間演出以外にも、ブランディングやプロモーションなどさまざまな活用が可能な多様性を秘めています。

Using advanced interactive technology and carefully designed motion graphics we are able to produce a new, totally interactive experience in the realm of space design, branding and promotion. The Hachidori (Environment Sensitive System) can create a great variation of real-time processed images synchronized with the atual circumstances: the sound, time of the day, weather etc...

Solutions Solutions

Multimedia decorative installation “Motion Wall”at Peter, Hotel The Peninsula Tokyo. See more ▶
Multimedia performance at Zushi Media Art Festival. See more ▶

Motion Sensor:

Sound System Integrated Multimedia Interior Installation


Sensor technology is perfect for game based interactive promotion. It helps to create better communication through more exctiting and viral user experience.
We also work in advanced product development area and experiment on a range of sensor devices to develop NUI - Natural User Interface to enhance more intuitive user experience.

Solutions Solutions

Interactive istallation using motion sensor for CHANEL See more ▶
Motion Sensor Game for Glico Pocky promotional event See more ▶

Augmented Reality:

Sound System Integrated Multimedia Interior Installation

現実とリンクした直感的な操作感と表現で、感性を拡張させるEmotional Experience でより楽しく気持ちのよい感覚を実現します。

AR means enhancing the real-world vision by adding computer generated sensory data such as images or bits of information. We are experimenting with this technology to create advanced user interface and more emotionally appealing promotion projects as well.
We believe that user interface is not just proper information display and functionality. Seamless and enhanced operation makes it more emotionally immersed end entertaining.

Solutions Solutions

Daikyou Mansion Galllery AR See more ▶
AR Installation for Oji Seishi Group at Tokyo EcoPro 2013 See more ▶

Projection Mapping:

Sound System Integrated Multimedia Interior Installation


Projection Mapping is an advanced multimedia performance that helps to make a shift from "seeing" to "participating" and create a moving and emotional events.
Through direct projection on a building or a product we can create a direct visual context link to attain more effective promotional effect. Projection mapping in terms of space design helps also to make more exciting and moving interiors.

Solutions Solutions

Projection Mapping Performance for FOX Channels See more ▶
Projection Mapping at Gunma Flower Park See more ▶