We are a Creative Office and we design experience.

In our quest for solutions we never follow stereotypes, We work unconventionally with cross-field approach to bring innovative, enjoyable and exciting solutions.




To Experience...

Experience is a kind of an encounter sometimes intensive and emotional that leads us to a new discovery or fulfillment. This means that things become meaningful to us only when we experience them. That's why we see things with the user's point of view and design exceptional  experiences.


Defining Future

Experience is a process and can only be expressed via verb. Thinking in verbs can lead to a possibility of a new noun and thus it opens a way to create new words and new concepts. We believe that designing an experience brings new shape to the future.


All is Connected

There is no such thing as a single experience, one experience connects to another. In the same way, design connects information with the public, an interface connects a device with a user, an idea connects the present with the future.


Curated Collision

We are a team of specialists, designers and artists, each of us is an expert in his/hers own field. This makes us versatile, creative and innovative. Cross-field and multi-direction approach widen the possibilities of solution.